Bathing Your Baby

Babies lived in water for 9 months inside mommy. So, why do some love baths and others act like it's a big scary puddle? Whichever side your little one is on, we've got tips to make them shine!

Bath Basics

First, pick a safe place for baby's bath. A baby tub or a cushioned sink works well. Get everything ready: baby soap and a towel because when it’s bath time, you're on the clock!

How Often? Two to Three Times a Week

For new parents, know this: babies don't need daily baths. Two to three times a week is fine. And to make it special, try Tender Care's Jasmine Cotton Baby Wash. It’s super soft for baby skin, making baths a fun time.

Babies and Dirt? It's Okay!

Babies aren’t like us. They're not out running or playing in mud. They mostly chill, eat, and sleep. So, if you clean them well, especially around their diapers, they're good to go.

When Extra Baths are Needed

Sometimes, diapers can be... a surprise. In those moments, a bath is a must. That's where Tender Care's Lavender and Oat Milk Baby Powder comes in handy. It keeps things dry and comfy. And if they wear their food more than they eat it? Yup, time for a bath with Tender Care's Sakura Scent Baby Wash.

Watch Your Baby

Every baby's different. Some want to splash and play, while others want a quick in-and-out. Watch and learn what your baby likes to make baths a good time for both.

End Note: Keep it Simple

Parents, bathing a baby is about getting them clean, but also making it fun. With a few baths a week and some Tender Care products, you're all set. Enjoy the splashes, the giggles, and know that you're doing a great job. Keep the love flowing, and your baby will always be the happiest, cleanest little one around!