Crafty Halloween: Simple and Fun Activities for Kids

Halloween isn't just about candies and costumes; it's also a time to get creative! Dive into the spirit of October with these easy and enjoyable crafts tailored for kids.  Plus, discover how Tender Care® can keep the fun clean and safe!

Pumpkin Paper Plates

Carving a pumpkin seems like a waste of ulam (and takes a lot of effort!) but that doesn’t mean we can’t make jack-o-lanterns!  You can make them out of paper plates.  Grab some orange paper, black paper, a paper plate, glue, and scissors. Cut out shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth from the black paper. Stick them onto the plate, and voila, a pumpkin face! This activity is a mess-free way for your child to make their pumpkin.

Ghostly Cotton Balls

All you need are some cotton balls, black markers, and white paper. Spread out the cotton balls to form ghost shapes and glue them onto the paper. Draw spooky faces with the black marker. Now you've got floating ghosts!

Spooky Candles

Create a safe version using paper and LED lights. Cut out windows and doors on colored paper folded in half. Place LED lights inside, and watch your lantern glow.

Clean Hands, More Fun!

Crafting can get a bit messy, especially with paints and glues. But no worries! Wash those tiny artistic hands with Tender Care® Classic Mild Baby Soap. Gentle and effective, it ensures fun remains safe.

Spooky Stick Puppets

Collect some sticks from your yard or a nearby park. Paint them as Halloween characters like witches, monsters, or zombies. Once dried, play a little puppet show—maybe even recreate a Filipino folklore!

Bat-tastic Wall Hangings

Use black paper to cut out bat shapes. Attach a string and hang them around the room. To give a Pinoy touch, craft some Philippine mythical creatures like "tikbalang" or "kapre".

Stay Fresh While Crafting

While enjoying these activities, ensure the young ones feel fresh. Sprinkle a bit of Tender Care® Pink Soft Baby Powder for that added touch of comfort.


Halloween crafts are more than just an activity; they're about bonding, learning, and embracing both global and Filipino traditions. And with Tender Care® by your side, you're guaranteed clean and carefree fun. Happy crafting, and have a spook-tacular Halloween!