How to Care for Your Baby's Umbilical Cord!

As a new parent, you might be fascinated by every little aspect of your baby, including that adorable little umbilical cord stump. But wait, before you start planning a tiny belly button ring (just kidding!), let's dive into the art of caring for your baby’s belly button.

Keep It Clean and Dry

First things first – cleanliness is key! To ensure your baby's umbilical cord stump heals like a champ, keep it clean and dry. During diaper changes, gently clean around the stump with a cotton ball soaked in warm water using Tender Care® Head to Toe Baby Wash and Shampoo. Pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth. Remember, no rubbing – we want this tummy button to heal without any unnecessary friction.

Air It Out

Let's talk about freedom! Your baby's umbilical cord stump will heal faster if it gets some fresh air. Make sure to fold down the top of their diaper to expose the stump to air as much as possible. But be warned, babies have their ways of surprising us – you might catch them peeking at their own tummy button!

Embrace the Gold of Tender Care® Classic Mild Baby Powder!
Tender Care's Talc Powder is the secret ingredient to baby tummy button care. After cleaning and drying the area, sprinkle a bit of talc on your baby’s belly button. It creates a dry environment, reducing the chances of infection and irritation.

Keep Water Out!

As much as we love bath time splashes, let's avoid soaking the bellybutton in the tub. Keep it dry during baths by sticking to sponge baths using Tender Care® Sakura Scent Baby Wash for now. Trust us, there will be plenty of time for epic water adventures once the umbilical cord stump bids farewell.

It's a Little Scabby!

No need to worry if you see a little scab or a bit of dried blood around the stump. It's all part of the healing process! Avoid picking or pulling on the stump and let nature work its magic.

Hypoallergenic Tip: Ditch the Harsh Stuff!

Just like with any baby care, keep an eye on the products you use. Stick to gentle, hypoallergenic options, like Tender Care® Classic Mild Baby Soap, for cleaning and caring for your baby's delicate tummy button. Say no to harsh chemicals, and opt for the tender love and care that your little one deserves.

Your baby's umbilical cord stump is a tiny reminder of the magical journey of pregnancy and childbirth. Show it some love and care with Tender Care's gentle touch. Keep it clean, dry, and embrace the wonders of Tender Care Talc Powder. Avoid submerging it in water during baths and let it heal naturally. With Tender Care, you can rest assured that your baby's umbilical cord stump is in the best hands, ready to heal and leave behind a precious memory of their first connection to you.