Baby Hygiene: Keeping Your Baby Clean!

Keeping your baby clean seems like a never-ending task. You just finished washing your baby’s hands, and after 5 seconds, they’ve made a new mess… and more. Luckily, if you make these clean-ups entertaining, your baby will learn to enjoy hygiene routines!

Bath Time Fun and Beyond

There's nothing quite like the joy of watching your baby splash around, giggling in delight. Make it an experience to remember with Tender Care® Head to Toe Baby Wash and Shampoo, keeping their delicate skin soft and happy. And here's a little secret that will make bath time even more magical – don't forget to give your baby's back some love too!

Embrace the Diaper Drama

Most diaper brands have visual indicators when they are full. But it’s advisable to not let your baby’s skin have prolonged contact with a full diaper. And let's not forget the power of Tender Care® Classic Mild Baby Powder – a barrier of protection against the dreaded diaper rash drama. Keep those little tushies happy and rash-free!

Banishing the Boogies

Boogers – the not-so-adorable sidekick of colds and sniffles. A trusty nasal aspirator and some saline drops can work wonders in clearing those tiny nostrils.

The Magic of Handwashing

Handwashing is a superpower that can keep pesky germs at bay. Teach them the art of handwashing using Tender Care® Classic Mild Baby Soap. Make it a fun and interactive experience!

Happy Skin, Happy Baby

Baby skin is delicate and deserves extra tender loving care. Keep it moisturized and protected by using gentle products like Tender Care® Head to Toe Baby Wash and Shampoo. Remember, happy skin makes for a happy baby!

Preventing Diaper Rash Battles

Diaper rash – the nemesis of all parents. Keep your baby's diaper area clean and dry, change diapers frequently, and use Tender Care® Classic Mild Baby Powder to create a soothing barrier. Say goodbye to diaper rash battles and hello to diaper bliss!


With Tender Care as your trusted sidekick, you can conquer all hygiene challenges. Embrace the giggles, the messes, and the tiny adventures, for parenthood is a journey like no other. Raise your soap-sud covered hands high and declare, "We've got this!"