Preparing Kids for a Safe Halloween Night in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Halloween has become an anticipated celebration where kids get to don fun costumes and collect treats. Much like how we eagerly unbox a gift, the joy of Halloween lies in the surprise and delight it brings. However, while many events are within malls or subdivisions, our priority remains the safety of our kids. Here's a guide for parents to unwrap a safe and joyful Halloween experience:

1. Always Have an Adult Around:

Whether it's in a mall or subdivision, an adult should always accompany the little trick-or-treaters. If you're unavailable, ensure a responsible adult is present. Just like the security seal on a package, this adult presence safeguards the children.

2. Choose Visible and Comfortable Costumes:

Brightly colored costumes are like the vibrant packaging we're drawn to. Add reflective strips or LED lights for added visibility. Ensure the outfit is comfortable; avoid overly long or bulky costumes. If masks are part of the look, they should offer clear sight and unobstructed breathing.

3. Set Clear Boundaries:

Much like sections in a toy store, set areas in malls or streets in subdivisions for trick-or-treating. Designate a familiar meeting point in case of separation.

4. Check the Treats:

When the trick-or-treating concludes, it's time to inspect their "haul". Ensure candies are sealed and undamaged. Any questionable item should be discarded.

5. Educate About Stranger Danger:

In the same way, we caution against unknown packages; teach kids never to venture into a stranger's territory, be it a house or vehicle.

6. Hygiene First:

Cleanliness remains a top concern. Regularly sanitize their hands during the event. When festivities wrap up, let them "unbox" relaxation with a bath using Tender Care® Head to Toe Baby Wash and Shampoo. And for that post-bath freshness, a sprinkle of Tender Care® Classic Mild Baby Powder does wonders.


Halloween is a delightful event that, with a touch of caution, can be both fun and safe. Think of it as unboxing joy, layer by layer, with the best gift being the smiles on our children's faces.