Unboxing Baby Hygiene

Parenthood – the hardest but most rewarding job in the world. We watch over our babies like a hawk, but at the same time, we’re also told to let them explore on their own. The push and pull of advice alone can make any parent go crazy, but we’re here to help take care of your baby, so you can let them explore worry-free!

Diaper Duty forever and ever

Just when you thought you’ve wiped and cleaned your baby from #1… here comes #2. The never-ending diaper changes also mean never-ending washing, which can make baby’s skin raw. Tender Care's Classic Mild Baby Powder is the secret weapon you need. Sprinkle this on your baby's bottom every diaper change to avoid diaper rash.

Skin Care–Baby Style 

Every ounce of your baby's skin is pure perfection – it has that soft, dewy glow we all dream of. With Tender Care Head to Toe Baby Wash and Shampoo, you can keep it that way. Our hypoallergenic products are like a gentle embrace, making sure your baby's skin stays healthy and moisturized, ready for outdoor fun and adventures!

Get rid of that Cradle Cap

Cradle cap (infant seborrheic dermatitis), or sometimes known as “baby dandruff” – does your baby have white flakes on their scalp? This is called 'Cradle cap'. But don't worry, because Tender Care's Pink Soft Baby Powder is here to help! Just a little sprinkle and a gentle massage, and like magic, those flakes will disappear. A smoother and cleaner scalp for your baby, ready to explore the world without worries.

Feet that are Fragrant and Clean!

No matter how beautiful and cute our babies' feet are, sometimes they don't smell as good as they look. Little travelers often get their feet dirty. The secret? After bathing, apply Tender Care's Sakura Scent Baby Powder to their shoes or socks. Their feet are sure to smell great again! Ready for a new adventure.

Bath Time Buddies! 

Ah, bath time – the splashy playground where your baby's adventures take center stage. Embrace the "let them go, let them grow" mantra by following your baby's lead during bath time. Tender Care's Lavender & Oat Milk Baby Wash will ensure their skin stays soft and irritation-free, giving them the confidence to explore the world with glee.