Unboxing Halloween and Undas

October in the Philippines is unique. It's a blend of Undas—a solemn tradition of remembering loved ones, and the more recent Halloween festivities. Let's unravel the history and discover how these two celebrations coexist.

Undas: A Time of Remembrance

Undas is deeply rooted in Filipino culture. On this day, families gather at cemeteries to honor the departed. They clean graves, offer flowers, and share stories—all while praying and paying respect.


Discovering Halloween

Halloween traces back to the Celts, an ancient group from Ireland. They celebrated Samhain, a festival where spirits were believed to roam freely. To avoid these spirits, they dressed up in various disguises.

A Blend of Two Traditions

When Halloween reached Philippine shores, it was primarily about costumes, candies, and fun. But in true Filipino style, we combined Halloween with Undas. Now, our children dress up and collect candies, yet the essence of Undas remains—we still honor our ancestors and pray for their souls.

Caring for Skin this October

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The Tale Behind Jack-o'-Lanterns

The glowing pumpkins, known as Jack-o'-Lanterns, have an interesting origin. A man named Jack played tricks on a spirit and was denied entry to both heaven and the other realm. Sympathetic, the spirit gave Jack a light to wander with, which he placed inside a turnip. Today, we use pumpkins as a nod to this tale.

Legends of Witches and Cats

Another staple of Halloween is the imagery of witches and their black cats. Legends suggest these witches transform into cats during the night. So if a black cat crosses your path, maybe it's just a witch in disguise!

Embracing Halloween in the Philippines

By the 2000s, Halloween celebrations became mainstream in the Philippines. Costumed children began visiting homes, eager for treats. Malls and communities started hosting festive events, making Halloween a much-anticipated occasion.

Honoring Our Traditions

Despite the adoption of Halloween, Undas remains significant. Filipinos continue the practice of visiting cemeteries, lighting candles, and offering prayers—a harmonious blend of the old and the new.

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October in the Philippines is a beautiful juxtaposition of celebration and remembrance, of new influences and steadfast traditions. And through it all, Tender Care® products ensure that we remain clean, fresh, and ready for whatever the month brings.